Lavette Family Milestone Moments

I love when an expecting couples decide to do milestone moments with me because of my love for storytelling. I first decided to offer my Milestone Moments Collection as a way to fully capture the joy of becoming a mother, and all the beautiful milestones in the first year.

From baby in your belly, to celebrating their first birthday, these stages of growth can go by so quickly. This collection is perfect to capture all of them, and to relieve the pressure of booking a new session every time you think of it.

Milestone moments consists of four photoshoots: maternity, newborn, when the baby is 6 months old, and when the baby is 1 year old. I find this schedule works to really well to tell the family’s new journey together, especially since babies grow up so fast! That first year is so important and life changing. My good friends (and clients!) Nicole & Justin were especially exciting to work with as they were expecting for the first time. I can’t begin to describe the joy and honor I feel being able to capture the authentic range of emotions a couple goes through when expecting their first child.

For Nicole & Justin’s first shoot we deciding to wait until she was roughly 8 months pregnant so we could get some elegant baby bump photographs. I always tell people to schedule their maternity session when they are “feeling cute.” This stage can vary greatly for every mom!

The love Justin and Nicole show for each other was so beautiful to capture. We also photographed in their home so their dog could pop in for a photograph, because dogs are part of the family too!

Then for our newborn shoot we scheduled it for the second week after baby Amelia was born to take these photographs..I find this timing in the second or early third week works best because babies are usually pretty sleepy and relaxed at this stage, parents have had time to settle in and heal. It’s ideal for getting really angelic photographs. Amelia was so fun to photograph! We were able to get a nice range of expressions from her on her own and with Mom & Dad.

Nicole & Amelia started off our shoot tenderly holding hands. Nicole’s loving gaze towards her new baby girl was so powerful to capture. Then we did some family portraits to capture the new family dynamic.

Justin’s loving gestures towards Nicole & Amelia was so sweet to see as well. This new family was absolutely glowing with love as light poured in over them through the window.

Next, we had Justin take some portraits holding Amelia & we decided to do some solo portraits of her but first their dog requested he get in a shot with her! It’s so amazing to see how even animals sense the change in a family and they can become lovingly protective of newborns.

And then Amelia was ready for her close up! I love getting those detail shots of toes to really show just how tiny these little ones are.

We wrapped up our newborn photoshoot with a group shot of the new ecstatic family.

6 months later we set up our last shoot from this set (for now!) and it just so happened to be nearing the holiday season. This made for very cute wardrobe choices from the beautiful Lavette Family. I still can’t get over how adorable Amelia is in that little bow headband!

I love doing the 6 month photoshoots because of how playful we can now get with the babies! I love Amelia’s smile here when Justin lifts her up in the air.

This stylish little cutie had a few outfit changes for our photo shoot. Things don’t always go to plan when baby spit up is a part of the process. I always tell my clients to have extra outfits on hand!


I can’t believe only 6 months prior she was a cuddly little newborn all snuggled up for our photo shoot! Look at her now, she’s all smiles and ready to roll. I’m looking forward to doing our 1 year photoshoot very soon!

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