Backyard Wedding Ideas – Hiring a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but planning a backyard or tented wedding adds new levels of thought and stress. On the plus side, you will be able to plan every last detail to fit your own style, wants and needs. But you will also have to make a lot more decisions and coordinate the details both beforehand and on the day of the wedding. CT wedding photographers know the importance of hiring a professional wedding planner because we’ve seen it all. Most importantly, however, we know how much less stressful the wedding day will be when you have someone else designated to handle things if they go awry. I recently had the opportunity to interview Diana Chouinard from Jubilee Events and talk about some of the benefits and misconceptions of hiring a wedding planner. A big thanks to Diana for sharing her expertise and insider tips!

What are the benefits of hiring a wedding planner?

When you hire a wedding planner, you have someone who has your best interests at heart. They become a confidant, a trusted advisor, and even a friend. One of my favorite things I hear from our families when initially speaking with them is that planning weddings today is nothing like it used to be, and that’s absolutely true. There is so much inspiration available to us and professionals in the event industry. It can be like taking on a full time job just to determine what we want. We believe the planning process should be a fun and collaborative experience, leaving you more and more excited as you get closer to your big day. We want to know what matters most to you and your families, guide you along the process together, and bring that vision to life.

What are the biggest misconceptions about hiring a wedding planner? 

Often times couples might like to save and take on a greater role in planning, which is wonderful! It may help them more in the long run, though, to have a planning partner guiding them through each step, helping to avoid any mistakes that could arise along the way. This helps in making the final month much smoother and more relaxed for all parties involved. Having a professional collaborate with you on your wedding and advise you is always best! Even though the role of a planner is a leadership one, we aim to work alongside our creative partners on the wedding day. Our common goal is to make sure our client has a beautiful and wonderful day– while also having fun– and part of our job is to make things easier and more seamless for all parties present that day. We are there to answer any and all questions you have beforehand so they can arrive to do what it is they do best. We want every individual to shine at their craft and have fun while doing it!  

What are some of the problems couples can come across on a wedding day that could be prevented by having a wedding planner? 

It is safe to say that we’ve seen it all, though I don’t want to jinx ourselves. As a planner, our instinct is to consider everything. We come with an experience and knowledge that naturally lends to the success of your event and helps to avoid any hiccups or issues. Having a planner on your side aides in avoiding any unforeseen or unnecessary costs. The biggest hurdle we see is weather — while we can plan for it, we can never control it and it’s especially beneficial to have someone to take care of any changes to your original plan in the event of undesirable weather. We have coordinated weddings in hurricanes, blizzards, and even tornados but the wedding has always gone off without a hitch. Without a planner, there would be a great deal of direction needed and questions to manage while you should be getting pampered and relaxing during the morning of your day. 

How much should a couple expect to spend on a wedding planner? What is a realistic budget? 

Costs of planners will range, especially based on the target area you are planning your wedding, their years of experience within our industry, and the level of service you are looking into. We strongly believe every professional in our industry sets their pricing to reflect the value of their services and the work they put forth for their clients.  

Are there ways couples can save money in other areas of the wedding day by hiring a wedding planner?

Absolutely! Having a planner helps avoid any unnecessary or undesirable costs as they know how to guide you to working with those who are best for your budget, style, and peace of mind. They come with the experience of knowing the appropriate questions to ask and how each decision you make contributes to a larger picture in the end. They also know where costs tend to rise and how to avoid that during planning. We always adopt your budget as our own and carefully maintain it as spending can be very easy on a day that’s so fun!

Can a wedding planner service a wedding of any size, big or small?

They certainly can and absolutely should! No wedding is alike and a planner should customize the planning process to your day and most importantly, your story. We have planned weddings for as little as 8 people all the way up to 350 and have loved every single moment because it was so personal and true to the couple.

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